Welcome to "our place!" Make yourself comfortable and wander around our site. Drop us a line, if you've a mind to, and tell us of the goodness of God in your lives. We'd like to share with you the joys to be found in the family of God.

We are Chuck & Molly Johnston. We have been serving our Lord Jesus in Taiwan for over 33 years while raising three daughters and a son. All all of our children are married and they have blessed Molly and I with 18 grandchildren but more about that later.

For the past twenty years, we have been serving the Lord in the city of Taichung in West-Central Taiwan, where I (Chuck) am the pastor at Community Church of Taichung and Molly teaches at Morrison Academy but more about that later, too.

Our purpose in sharing our life, ministry and family with you through this web page is to allow anyone who "drops in" to see, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our Father God is loving and gracious, and really does bless those who fear and serve Him "from generation to generation."

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