Soon to be pictures of the Graves!

Our #2 daughter, Jeanene, married Joe Graves nearly nine years ago. She was a Junior in high school, and he was a freshman at Ozark Christian College at the time. they were married following her freshman year at OCC. Joe went on to receive an M.A. in TESL and, later, an M.A. in hospital administration. They lived in Taiwan for two years a while back while Joe taught at Lincoln American School here in Taichung. Keith was born in Taiwan.

They have four sons, Joseph Kenneth (Kenny), Larry Keith (Keith), Charles Kameron (Kameron), and Ethan Kaleb (Kaleb). (They are our "special K's.") Joe does customer satisfaction consultancy with patients and doctors belonging to PacifiCare. Jeanene has her hands full with those little boys—three of whom are school age. They live in Oklahoma City, where Joe was born, and both of them are active in a local church in Oklahoma City.

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