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Taiwan Links

Useful WWW sites in and about Taiwan...

Morrison System Home Page

School information with links to other Morrison & Taiwan sites

Promise Keepers Web Site

The official PK web site

DaySpring E-Greetings
CrossWalk E-Greetings

Christian E-Greetings

Links to FREE anti-virus & Internet security software...

AVG Anti-virus

ZoneAlarm firewall

"Ad-aware" spy-ware detection

Intrusion Prevention Software

Spybot Search & Destroy

Scan for spy-ware online



Other interesting & helpful links...

"We are to be the channels through which the power of Godís grace flows into the lives . . . around us!"

". . . this evaluation covers the nine "task-oriented" gifts used in daily life to do the work of Christian ministry."


Various personality/temperament assessment tools...

Passage & Keyword searches in 16 versions of the Bible...and MORE!

"...1-click reference program for Windows. When you need a reference tool, not a search engine, click on any text inside any Windows program."

"Route 53 is designed to highlight the most useful sites on the Web! All Links are handpicked. A great home page for your browser." - "The World's Largest Internet Radio Network"


REALLY Free Freeware & Shareware with NO "nags."